Frequently Asked Questions

Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

I (or my son or daughter) am (is) on the dean’s list and/or graduated this semester. Could you notify our hometown paper?

If the student’s hometown is in Missouri, we will make that list available to every Missouri newspaper. If it hasn’t appeared in your hometown paper yet, you might want to call the paper’s office to confirm that they received it. If the student does not live in Missouri, the MU News Bureau encourages him or her to submit a student honors submission form. By using this form, out-of-state students can tell us exactly where they’d like their information sent. Students also can visit us at 329 Jesse Hall to pick up a form.

My daughter was on the dean’s list, and I’ve seen other MU students’ names published in our hometown paper, but not hers.

It’s possible your daughter has at some point listed Columbia as her hometown, so her name appears on the Boone County list rather than the list for your current residence. If so, your newspaper probably didn’t receive her name. Feel free to check the dean’s and graduation lists online. If you find your daughter’s name listed under Boone County and you’d like a newspaper in another region notified, please call us at 573-882-6211. If your daughter’s name appears under the correct county, the newspaper might have left it off the list inadvertently, in which case you should contact the paper directly. If your daughter’s name does not appear anywhere on the list, contact a student adviser in the student’s individual school or college. They can help you determine whether the student was eligible for the dean’s list.

It also is possible that your daughter elected to protect her information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, meaning that she does not consent to her information being shared. Students add and remove the restriction themselves through myZou. Learn more about FERPA.

My son is listed as a junior but earned his dean’s list recognition during his sophomore year. Is there a reason?

As a result of many requests, the News Bureau now generates dean’s list using the student’s academic level at the end of the academic term. If your son had 55 credits at the beginning of term and ended the term with 70 credits, he will be listed as a junior.

How do I determine if my son or daughter earned recognition on the dean’s list?

Each school and college at MU has slightly different requirements. The MU News Bureau distributes the dean’s and graduation lists exactly as they are determined by the criteria established by each school and college. The MU News Bureau does not have the authority to determine students’ eligibility.

Please contact your son or daughter’s individual school or college to determine whether he or she qualified for the dean’s list. If the student did meet the requirements and was inadvertently left off the list provided to the MU News Bureau, please ask the school or college to contact our office at 573-882-6211; we will forward the student’s name to the newspaper of your choice.

My daughter is in graduate school and received a 4.0, why is she not listed on the dean’s list?

The dean’s list is a recongition for undergraduate students only.

Dean’s List Requirements

School/College Term GPA Cumulative GPA #hours
A&S 3.5 3.0 12 graded
Business 3.5 3.0 12 graded
CAFNR 3.5 3.0 12 graded
Education 3.5 no cumulative 12 graded
Engineering 3.0 no cumulative 12 graded
Health Sciences 3.3 no cumulative 12 graded
Journalism 3.25 no cumulative 12 graded
Nursing 3.25 3.25 12 graded
Social Work 3.0 3.0 12 graded

When do the dean’s list and the list of graduates become available?

The list for the fall semester usually is complete in early January; the list for the spring semester is completed in late May or early June.

Why is MU sometimes later in distributing these lists than other colleges in Missouri?

Because MU is such a large University, it takes a little longer to compile this information at the end of each semester. Also, our semesters sometimes don’t finish until after other colleges and universities have completed their class schedules.

Is it possible to receive the names of students’ parents with these lists?

When we distribute news releases about students receiving scholarships or other honors, we are able to provide this information because the students supply us with it and give us permission to release it. Unfortunately, because the graduation and dean’s lists are so large, we are unable to ask each student for permission to release his or her parents’ names, and we are unable to release this information without permission.

How are these lists made available to newspapers?

The MU News Bureau receives a list of students graduating and those named to the dean’s list, which we publish on the News Bureau Web site. These lists are organized by county. The MU News Bureau also maintains a database of Missouri newspapers. After the lists have been published to our Web site, we distribute a letter to each newspaper in our Missouri newspaper group in this database. The letter includes the Web address where that semester’s graduation and dean’s lists can be found on our Web site.

Newspapers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Our newspaper hasn’t been receiving the graduation and dean’s lists. Can we be added to the mailing group?

Our office would be happy to add you to the mailing group. If your newspaper is newly established or has recently had an address change, we might not have you in our database. Please call 573-882-6211 to be added to this group.

Is it possible to receive a copy of the graduation and dean’s lists by mail, rather than getting them from the News Bureau Web site?

The MU News Bureau will mail a copy of specific counties’ lists at your request. Please call 573-882-6211 and provide a list of counties for which your newspaper would like to receive lists.

Can we receive these letters and lists by fax?

Unfortunately, because these lists are so lengthy and because we send so many, we are no longer able to provide them by fax. We can, however, provide them by mail or e-mail.

  • College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). (573) 882-8301
  • College of Arts and Science. (573) 882-6411
  • Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business. (573) 882-7073
  • College of Education. (573) 882-5659
  • College of Engineering. (573) 882-4375
  • College of Human Environmental Sciences. (573) 882-6424
  • School of Health Professions. (573) 882-8011
  • School of Journalism. (573) 882-1045
  • Sinclair School of Nursing. (573) 882-0277