The Student Honors program is a service provided by the university’s News Bureau to promote the accomplishments (including scholarships and competition achievements) of current MU students. News Bureau writers use information provided by students to write news releases about students’ accomplishments and then notify students’ hometown media outlets. Students wishing to have the News Bureau alert their hometown news media of specific achievements should complete the student honors submission form or contact the News Bureau at or at 573-882-6211.

Dean’s and Graduation Lists: Both the dean's lists and graduation lists recognize students living both in the state of Missouri and outside the state of Missouri who have achieved those honors. The News Bureau notifies all newspapers in Missouri when the dean's and graduation lists are available. Those students living outside the state who wish to have their local media notified of their dean's list or graduation achievement should complete a student honors submission or contact the News Bureau at or at 573-882-6211.

Student Privacy: Students who have restricted the release of directory information in accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act as well as university policy will not appear on the lists. Students can make a temporary change to their privacy settings by going to MyZou. Students should make changes one month before the end of the semester to guarantee they will be included in the Deans’ or Graduation lists. Thanks!