Missouri students are listed alphabetically by county.


Name Degree(s)
Emily Grace Hatfield Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Science and Management-BS with an emphasis in Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
Emily Schmidt Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies-BA with an emphasis in Film Production
Minor in Psychology-MI


Name Degree(s)
Jessica Barbara Curran Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Sciences-BA
Minor in English-MI
Undergraduate Certificate in Multicultural Studies-Ugrd Cert
Samantha Lyn Gizel Master of Education in Educ Sch & Counseling Psych-MED with an emphasis in Sch Coun Elem & Second Cert
Melissa Leann Williams Graduate Certificate in Public Health - Grad Cert


Name Degree(s)
Libbianna Rae Jones Graduate Certificate in Health Ethics - Grad Cert


Name Degree(s)
Nicholas Leo Rushing Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in Mechanical Engineering-BSME
Minor in Aerospace Engineering-MI
Minor in Mathematics-MI
Minor in Naval Science-MI
Julia Rose Scherer Bachelor of Social Work in Social Work-BSW
Undergraduate Certificate in Multicultural Studies-Ugrd Cert
Blaine Alysse Wallace Master of Health Administration in Health Administration-MHA